The Serfs Announce New LP ‘Half Eaten By Dogs’, Air “Club Deuce”

The Serfs Announce New LP 'Half Eaten By Dogs', Air "Club Deuce"

Cincinnati post punk/synth punk/electronic band The Serfs have announced the release of their third studio album ‘Half Eaten By Dogs‘.

The follow-up to last year’s record Primal Matter, will be out on October 27 via Trouble In Mind. Pre-order your copy here.

According to the press release, “Half Eaten by Dogs” is a wide-eyed look through a scope into a desiccated and heathenish vision, where ice-encrusted synth harmonies command oozing chemical rhythms and drilled-out elemental rock formations. There’s a psychedelic melancholy to it– in both the abstract lyrical sense, with doomed proclamations of natural and supernatural disasters, and the more tangible musical sense.

Lead single “Club Deuce”’, is a flat-out sexy floor filler, with its low-end sizzle designed to make you move, slithering like a lurker at the threshold of the dance floor.

“Half Eaten By Dogs” successfully coalesces everything that The Serfs have accomplished to date, but with greater intent and purpose than their preceding albums by a mile. There are songs to dance to, and songs to take in during a storm or while riding free through the roads of the world. It may be a step further down into the catacombs for the band, but if the principle of correspondence is correct, then they could be their way to somewhere higher. 

Check out the album’s tracklist and take a listen to “Club Deuce” below.

The Serfs ‘Half Eaten By Dogs’ Tracklist:

  1. Order Imposing Sentence
  2. Cheap Chrome
  3. Suspension Bridge Collapse
  4. Beat Me Down
  5. Spectral Analysis
  6. Club Deuce
  7. Electric Like An Eel
  8. Ending Of The Stream
  9. The Dice Man Will Become
  10. Mocking Laughter

The Serfs are: Dylan McCartney (vocals, percussion, guitar, bass, electronics), Dakota Carlyle (Electronics, bass, guitar, vocals) & Andie Luman (vocals, synths).