The Slow Readers Club Drop New Single/Video “Lay Your Troubles On Me”

The Slow Readers Club Drop New Single/Video "Lay Your Troubles On Me"

Manchester-based indie electro/doom pop band The Slow Readers Club have shared their new single “Lay Your Troubles On Me” .

The track features on their upcoming sixth studio album ‘Knowledge Freedom Power‘, out on February 23 via Modern Sky UK. Pre-order your copy here

‘Lay Your Troubles On Me’ initially spirals up the tension, its sparse, razor-tight post-punk topped by Aaron Starkie’s sombrely intoned vocals acknowledging someone else’s struggle. Yet amongst the darkness, the song erupts into a whirlpool of abrasive guitars and sparkling synths that feels like a shard of optimism as Aaron declares, “We’ll fight the fear.” 

It’s a microcosm of the ethos that The Slow Readers Club exalt throughout the ‘Knowledge Freedom Power’ album – escaping life’s challenges isn’t always possible, but working together as a community can often avert the worst of their consequences.   

The band commented:

“‘Lay Your Troubles On Me’ was born out of a jamming session in our rehearsal room. We were jamming around the verse idea at rehearsals and then went for a brew break. When we came back we started on another idea but soon realised it was the same notes but with a completely different groove and feel. We didn’t want to lose either version and we loved the idea of the tune getting progressively louder and intense so we combined them. Working on this one in pre-production Joe helped us make the crescendo work well with a cool synth sound.” 

Lyrically it’s a song about recognising someone going through difficulties, reaching out and offering support. The vocal melody mostly came in the practice room but the high melody ‘hold on for dear life the ones you love’ over the crescendo came in the studio.” 

Have a listen below.

The Slow Readers “Lay Your Troubles On Me”