The Slow Readers Club Share “Forget About Me”

The Slow Readers Club Share "Forget About Me"

Manchester-based indie electro/doom pop band The Slow Readers Club have shared their new single “Forget About Me”.

The song is taken from their sixth studio album ‘Knowledge Freedom Power‘, out today, February 23 via Modern Sky UK. Grab your copy here

Speaking about it the band said:

The last song to be written on the record, we went in the studio with the track still in development. Joe our producer added the lead synth part in pre-production. It’s a breakup song with a few great hooks.

Kurt sent across a chord sequence over Whatsapp and we knew we needed one more track so this was going to be that track. We had a verse/bridge worked out, but I got Covid a week before the studio, so the track wasn’t finished before we started pre-production. This probably meant we were writing this one in the studio and over Whatsapp with me at home and it felt a bit more experimental.”

Watch a lyric video below.