The Trusted Release New Single “Burning the Night”

The Trusted Release New Single "Burning the Night"
The Trusted “Burning the Night”

Southend-on-Sea indie pop/indie rock four-piece The Trusted have released their new single “Burning the Night“.

“Burning the Night” marks a ground breaking departure from their previous work. It features an unusual time signature of 5/4, and represents a pivotal moment in the band’s evolution while remaining true to their musical roots. Delving into the depths of late-night irrational jealousy, it explores those moments when darkness engulfs your thoughts and destructive emotions take hold.

Lead singer Tom Cunningham describes it as a song about coping with “late-night restlessness and irrationality,” revealing the emotions that lurk in the shadows.

The silence of the night carries a certain ominous weight; in those sleepless moments, we tend to uncover hidden thoughts and feelings. It becomes challenging to prevent our minds from wandering aimlessly. Envy, an emotion that thrives in the shadows, often surfaces when we have the time to contemplate.

Immersing the audience in a world of palpable tension and unease, The Trusted expertly conveys the sensation of lying in bed, gazing at the ceiling, and surrendering to negative emotions. There’s something eerily powerful about the silence, and The Trusted captures this sense of unease through their artistry.

Renowned for their ability to meld elements of indie rock and new wave, the band continues to push the boundaries of their sound. “Burning the Night” stands as a testament to their musical versatility as well as their willingness to experiment and innovate, and it demonstrates their capacity to capture raw emotions and transform them into irresistible indie anthems.

The track seamlessly weaves heartfelt lyrics with dynamic instrumentals, leaving an enduring impact on the listener.

The song is out now and is another taste of their forthcoming EP, due for release late November. Get it here and stream it below.

About The Trusted:

Formed during their secondary school years, The Trusted swiftly discovered their shared passion for robust melodies and atmospheric pop music. Influenced by renowned British rock bands such as Catfish and the Bottlemen and The 1975, as well as legendary new-wave icons like The Clash and Elvis Costello, The Trusted have crafted a unique fusion of post-punk energy and compelling storytelling. Their achievements and ongoing ascent in the music industry are a testament to their exceptional talent, unwavering dedication, and profound passion for creating music that resonates with audiences worldwide.