The Utopiates Air New Single/Video “Ups And Downs”

The Utopiates Air New Single/Video “Ups And Downs"

London based indie rock/baggy/alt band The Utopiates have aired their new single “Ups And Downs“, alongside an accompanying video.

The song is out today (February 3) via V2 Records and is taken from their upcoming debut album ‘The Sun Also Rises‘, which will hit the stores on release May 5. Get it here.

Speaking about it, the band said:

“We wanted to try and go all out house on this one so we let Ed show off on the keys and kept that rhythm section pumping. I’ve always loved 80/90s piano driven house tunes so we used that as our inspiration. We hope it doesn’t come across as a cynical attempt to appropriate that genre as it comes from a place of deep love and admiration for the underground dance scenes of Northern England. I grew up attending raves across West Yorkshire’s dingiest warehouses, venues and clubs, and lyrically; I tried to put myself back in that excitable 16 year old’s shoes. It’s about that pure love for my mates, the music, the nights and it’s about that feeling that’s always stayed with me. Ultimately, do we ever really grow out of it? Absolutely not and why should we? And no matter how bad the downs are, we’ll always have those ups just around the corner.”

Watch/listen below.