The Velvet Hands Air “40 UP 40 DOWN” Music Video

London based rock n’ roll/garage band The Velvet Hands have aired the video for their latest single “40 UP 40 DOWN“.

The song is taken from their new album ‘Sucker Punch‘, which came out last week (Feb 3) though Blood Records.

Blending danceable rock riffs with jangling percussion and chugging guitars reminiscent of the likes of Franz Ferdinand or The Hives, 40 UP 40 DOWN is an intoxicating listen brimming with headstrong optimism and an indie disco primed danceability.

The band explain:

“This track is about being made to feel worthless, but also finding worth in the fact that your friends feel the same way and that you’re not alone. It has a lot of hope and is a really fun start to the album — we wanted to make sure that the first track on ‘Sucker Punch’ showed our intent from the very beginning. Musically it’s inspired by bands like Blondie and Franz Ferdinand — we wanted to make a tune that could be played at your local trashy indie disco.”

Watch the video below.