Tiga Drops “There Is No Distance Between Us (u.r.trax Remix)”

Tiga Drops "There Is No Distance Between Us (u.r.trax Remix)"

Montreal born DJ/producer Tiga has dropped the u.r.trax Remix of this track “There Is No Distance Between Us“.

The 12”-inch vinyl of Tiga’s trance pilgrimage to the centre of your personal space, “There Is No Distance Between Us,” is out now via Turbo Recordings. Get it  here.

Co-produced by Tiga and on-again/off-again musical life partner Jesper Dahlback, the track was originally released digitally as a b-side to the Tiga mega-hit “Easy” earlier last year, and is now available in its glorious physical manifestation with an insane after-hours techno remix from Paris producer u.r. trax, perhaps the first Turbo artist with a Master’s Degree in something other than Comparative Tiga Studies.

“Yeah, I’m back up in your area,” says Tiga from atop the rock-climbing wall inside his virtual panic room. “Something just didn’t sit right with me about this track not existing on the material plane. Here I am singing about human connection and not giving you something you can hold in your filthy hands? Anyone who knows me knows I hate hypocrisy, so I had to make things right, vinyl-style. If I could make the world’s problems go away by pressing records, I would. And I can, so I will. This is only the beginning.”

Take a listen below.

Tiga “There Is No Distance Between Us (u.r.trax Remix)”