Topographies Share New Single “Chain of Days”

Topographies Share New Single "Chain of Days"

Bay Area post punk outfit Topographies have shared their new single “Chain of Days“.

The track is taken from their upcoming sophomore album ‘Interior Spring‘, due to be released on February 2 via Dark Entries. Pre-order it here.

Formed in 2018 in San Francisco by Justin Oronos, Jeremie Ruest, and Gray Tolhurst, Topographies link the icy riffs and gloomy atmosphere of early coldwave with the textural depth and warmth of classic shoegaze, emerging with a style that’s both contemporary and timeless.

On Interior Spring, Topographies explore themes of guilt, inherited trauma, and recovery. The meaning of its title is triplicate: a submerged river carrying hope, an anxiously wound clock, and a season where wildflowers bloom on the graves of the past. While the work of Tolhurst’s father – Laurence Tolhurst from The Cure – provides a clear influence, Topographies expertly channel acts like Asylum Party or The Chameleons on anthemic pearls like “Night Sea” and “Chain of Days.”

Tolhurst’s lyrics draw on his own experience in recovery from substance abuse to examine the cycle of use and hopelessness that characterizes addiction. Through these ten songs, the group hopes to present the idea that freedom is not an escape but an embrace of the quotidian beauty of human life.

Take a listen below.

Topographies “Chain of Days”

Track List:

  1. Night Sea
  2. Arch
  3. Cleanse
  4. Chain Of Days
  5. Never Understand
  6. Interior Spring
  7. Tied
  8. 1959
  9. Red-Black Sun
  10. Face Of Another