Tor Lundvall Airs Music Video For “Forget It!”

Tor Lundvall Airs Music Video For "Forget It!"

New York painter/composer Tor Lundvall has aired the video for his track “Forget It!“.

The song features on his upcoming collection 5-CD box set ‘There Must Be Someone‘, due to be released on December 9 via Dais Records to commemorate the quarter century anniversary of his self-released debut, Passing Through Alone (1997). Pre-order it here.

Spanning 33 years, it showcases the subtle but striking evolution of Lundvall’s sound, from brisk autumnal synth-pop to desolate dark place devotionals to fragile winter moon meditations and beyond. What remains constant is his exquisite sense of mood and movement, qualities reflected in his iconic oil paintings of willowy figures amidst luminous, liminal landscapes.

About the track, Tor Lundvall says:

“I recorded this song almost 25 years ago for my proposed follow-up pop album to “Passing Through Alone”, along with 17 other tracks, but the project was abandoned. A rare decision for me and the only time I’ve scrapped an album entirely. This song and a few others from these sessions are included as bonus tracks on the expanded edition of “A Strangeness In Motion” included in the box set.”

Watch the video below.

Tor Lundvall “Forget It!”

Reflecting back on this vast body of work is “strange and bittersweet,” but Lundvall finds a common thread and hidden mission within its long and winding road: “The music is a journey through my desire and longing for inner peace, the elusive search for love and struggling to make sense of it all. It’s a diary of passing through a life filled with illusions and disillusionment, often unchanging, but haunted by moments of beauty and magic that hint at the promise of a better world beyond this one.”