Torrey Release New Single/Video “Bounce”

Torrey Release New Single/Video "Bounce"

Bay area textural pop band Torrey have released their new single “Bounce” via a music video.

The single comes ahead of the release of their upcoming self-titled album, due to be released on March 8 via Slumberland Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Bending classic shoegaze, rainy day indie rock sounds, and 90s alt rock flair into more intricate forms, the band uses these guitar-forward songs to shape-shift between gentle drifting and noisy breakthroughs. Some touchstones might include Lush, Drop Nineteens, Cocteau Twins and The Breeders, but Torrey have a deft grasp of their craft and a forward-thinking studio approach that places them very much in the NOW.

These new twelve guitar-forward songs drift through classic shoegaze and rainy day indie rock sounds, the entire album blurring into a stream of fragmented bliss. Torrey’s pre-existing foundation of catchy songwriting is emboldened by the limitless approach of the recording sessions. Each song has its own personality, but feels connected to the rest; like a carefully curated playlist. 

Of the track, they state: “Even people who seem like they’ve got it all together have doubts and insecurities — “Bounce” is about that conflict. It’s a call and response between joys and fears, highs and lows, wrapped in walls of sound and static.”

Watch/listen below.

Torrey “Bounce”

Torrey Tracklist:

  1. Rain
  2. No Matter How
  3. Moving
  4. Bounce
  5. Hawai’i
  6. Garage Intermission
  7. Slow Blues
  8. Pop Song
  9. July (And I’m)
  10. Happy You Exist
  11. Really AM
  12. We’re Dancing (End)

Photo by Katie Lovecraft