Total Chroma Air New Single “Starvation”

Total Chroma Air New Single "Starvation"
Total Chroma “Starvation”

Vancouver, BC ebm/electropunk/synthpunk project Total Chroma, aka Robert Katerwol of Wire Spine and Weird Candle, has aired his new single “Starvation“.

The track features on his of his forthcoming new album ‘LAPLAND‘, set to arrive on October 14th via Negative Gain.

Lyrically this song is a fictional narrative about a young toxic relationship post “honeymoon phase” entering a state of inertia. Both sides are feeling a sense of starvation for one another, but lack the emotional intelligence to express their needs & feelings in a meaningful way. Thus finding themselves in an endless loop of conflict and confusion.

On the subject of “Starvation”, Katerwol muses:

This song, though cloaked in fiction, unveils a tale of love once effervescent, now dulled post the ‘honeymoon phase’. Both souls, parched for each other’s touch, find themselves trapped in a vortex of unsaid emotions and suppressed needs. Their dance, though yearning for connection, is marred by a cyclone of misunderstandings and perpetual discord. In this ballad, the lovers find themselves lost, yearning, and ensnared in a web of their own making.

Take a listen below.

Sonically Lapland’s auditory palette is rich, coloured with the gritty hues of post-punk, the electric vibrancy of synth-pop, the pulsating rhythms of EBM, and the melancholic undertones of minimal wave.