Transmission Suite Reveal New Single/Video “Part of the Problem”

Transmission Suite Reveal New Single "Part of the Problem"
Transmission Suite “Part of the Problem”

Stirling, Scotland electronic/indie/britpop band Transmission Suite have revealed their new single “Part of the Problem” and its accompanying video.

Described as a mixture of 80’s Electronic, 90’s Baggy and Dream Pop, this is the result of a melting pot of styles that creates an up-to-date version of electronic led music with guitars from the decades past and takes it right into the present.   

Their sound has an electronic dreamy vibe akin to that of bands such as New Order and OMD, but with the anthemic / uplifting qualities of the likes of Echo & the Bunnymen and The Stone Roses.  

Get the track here and stream it below, it follows their debut single “Fade Away”.