Tribe Friday Detail New Album ‘Hemma’, Share “Day One”

Tribe Friday Detail New Album 'Hemma', Share "Day One"

Swedish indie alt-rock band Tribe Friday have revealed full details of their upcoming album ‘Hemma‘, and have shared their new single “Day One“.

Due to be released on 13th October via Icons Creating Evil Art, ‘Hemma’ marks a shift away from their party essence, and further into their emo influences. Pre-order your copy here.

Bringing back more of that fresh and jubilant post-punk-meets-pop-rock aesthetic they have cultivated for themselves since they first emerged, new single ‘Day One’ makes for a rousing return for the four-piece. Brimming with bright and illuminating textures that fully accentuates some euphoric vocals throughout, they are returning to the fold with one of their most anthemic efforts to date here.

Speaking about it, they said: 

“Day One is about facing someone you haven’t seen in years – someone who hurt you and who you hurt right back. It’s about the tension of knowing what you’ve been through together while you try your best to be civil and normal. I wrote what would become the lyrics to the song on the bus to my hometown but musically, this is a true full-band laptop-jam. We sat in my bedroom and figured it all out on a single guitar plugged into my computer. Gotta give extra credit to Robin (our bass player), who wrote and played the lead guitar part on the demo. I couldn’t make it sound better when tracking the actual thing, so what you hear on the final version is his original take”.

Inspired by artists like The Strokes, My Chemical Romance and La DisputeTribe Friday has created a genre-bending sound and a narrative that directly reflects their experiences growing up in Sweden while paying homage to the indie post-rock movement. Their playful and airy indie rock sound will have you jamming out to some of the saddest but most honest lyrics about maturing and, for better or worse, escaping your hometown.

Of the album, they added:

“This is a record about home and about coming to terms with what that word means to you, how violently it has shaped you. How much love you still hold for it, despite everything. It moves from nostalgia to grief, through anger to apathy, to finally land in reluctant acceptance; we don’t choose where we come from, and we can’t undo the bruises our circumstances caused us…We wear the inspirations we gathered in our formative years on our sleeves on this record, and we do so proudly. To us, it’s a true emo record. To you, it might be something completely different.”

Check out “Day One” below, followed by the album’s artwork and tracklisting.

Tribe Friday ‘Hemma’ Tracklist:

  1. Hemma
  2. Day One
  3. Me and All My Friends
  4. Andy
  5. (dag sju)
  6. Swimsuit
  7. As Good As It Gets
  8. Comedown
  9. Salt Clouds
  10. (big pond)
  11. Little Fish
  12. Okay Sometimes
  13. 201
  14. Years
Upcoming Live Dates

29 SEPT / Viersen / Rockschicht
30 SEPT / Oldenburg / Cadillac
1 OCT / Braunschweig / B58
2 OCT / Dortmund / Subrosa
3 OCT / Köln / Blue Shell
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17 OCT / Margate / Olby’s Creative Hub
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19 OCT / Worthing / The Factory
20 OCT / London / The Garage
21 OCT / Guildford / The Boileroom / SOLD OUT
22 OCT / Swansea / The Bunkhouse / SOLD OUT

Photo credit: Miranda Fredriksson