Unhealed Unveils New Tune “Self-Pressure”

Unhealed Unveils New Tune "Self-Pressure"

Berlin via Sao Paulo artist Igor Girio aka Unhealed has unveiled his addictive new single “Self-Pressure“.

The track is taken from the upcoming compilation “Die Erlösung: Kapitel 2“, due to be released on July 10th via Crave Tapes. Pre-order it here.

Featuring twenty tracks from artists around the whole world, this second edition is made out of Italo Body Music, fresh new school EBM cuts and Synthwave tracks spanning from 80s identity to a more contemporary approach of electronic music.

Stream it below.

Active in the Sao Paulo scene since the early 2000’s, he gathers experience as a promoter, artist and sound engineer in one of most exciting spotlights of South America.

Drawing inspiration from the 80’s underground, he delivers powerful doses of EBM, wave, electro, italo and post-punk, combining authorial material and also hidden gems into dense Dj sets.

He is also one of the minds behind the Berlin based label Crave Tapes, where he promotes events around Europe with the focus of spreading the EBM/wave/post-punk culture.

Die Erlösung: Kapitel 2 Tracklist:
  1. Human Error Sadhi Tahjiria [feat. The 3rd Man]
  2. Babes Of Enola Grey – Freiheit Sicherheit (Endless Nothing Remix)
  3. Lorenzo Mancino – September (Meshes Remix)
  4. Lorenzo Mancino – September (Munsinger Remix)
  5. Semantix – Delinquent
  6. Revolt – She Would Like To Fear
  7. Nasdrowie – Sheep Gas
  8. Survival Paradox – Everything Finally Falls Apart
  9. Unhealed – Self-Pressure
  10. Сад – Нож
  11. Evil Dust – Medico Della Peste (Alpha Sect Rework)
  12. Nouveau Futur – Death Before Disco
  13. Ani – Dead
  14. NastyHabits – Avec Moi
  15. Radondo – Nosedive
  16. Cavalry Stone – Unsuspected Calls
  17. WLDV – Downward Spiral
  18. Last Chance – Bleak And Koy
  19. Bound By Endogamy – Lavieled
  20. BongLord69 – Coquimage [feat. Yung Irakli]