Valuemart Release New Single “Skin”

Valuemart Release New Single "Skin"

Bay Area post punk/goth/synthpop band Valuemart (led by multi-instrumentalist Tory Knowles) have released their new single “Skin“.

The song, produced by Tory Knowles is out now. Grab it here and take a listen below.

Valuemart was created in 2018 by multi-instrumentalist Tory Knowles, who was inspired to create music faithful to the production styles of the 80’s. Knowles began to receive press coverage after the release of his single ‘Blow’, this led to an eventual record deal with the Berlin based label Detriti Records, who in March of 2021 published his flagship album ‘Alice Underground’, a culmination of songs composed over a two year period of intense emotions and losses. Knowles subsequently recruited three band members after the release to begin live shows.