Vandal Moon Airs “Sunlight” Music Video

Vandal Moon Airs “Sunlight” Music Video

California synth/new wave/post punk project Vandal Moon (aka Blake Voss) has aired the video for his latest single “Sunlight“.

The song “a psychedelic goth ceremony to the Sun & Moon,” features on last year’s album ‘Queen Of The Night‘. Grab it here if you haven’t already.

Watch the video below.

Vandal Moon “Sunlight”

In a previous press release, lead singer Blake Voss elaborated on the album:

“We titled the new album ‘Queen Of The Night’ after a fictional character we created – a young woman living in our dystopian present-day. Each song on the record is about, to, or from the perspective of our ‘Queen Of The Night’ character. Her image is portrayed on the album cover, but she could be anyone or anything. She might listen to grunge, goth, trap, emo… she might be the prom queen, or completely, utterly alone; that’s up to the listener. We chose this album art because to us the image evokes a blank canvas upon which we might paint our hopes, our fears, our dreams, and everything in-between; be it love, loss or world war III. I’m singing for the youth of our world. Hopefully to empower them.”

Musically this album explores a broader landscape than our last record. It’s a true album art piece in that regard. It was important we experimented with new sounds and styles. We hope it’s empowering to those who might need it. You know who you are.”