Vandal Moon Drop “Satellite” Music Video

Vandal Moon Drop "Satellite" Music Video

California synth/new wave/post punk/electronic duo Vandal Moon have dropped the video for their latest single “Satellite“.

The song is taken from their new two-song EP of the same name, released last Friday, August 11. Grab it here.

Vandal Moon are: BLAKE VOSS (Vocals, guitars, synthesizers and principal songwriter) and JEREMY EINSIEDLER (Drum machines and synthesizers). The duo’s sound is rooted in post-punk and new wave, with darker, gothic undertones of the early 80’s. Synths, guitars and drum machines for your 21st century heartbreak.

Watch it below.

Vandal Moon “Satellite”


  1. Satellite
  2. Celebrity Genocide


Satellite, you control me just like a dream would
Satellite, you watch me sleep, a dream weaver
Satellite, destructions comes for all the real ones
Satellite, she won’t keep me, I wanna free her

Satellite, you watch me sleeping in the dream world
Satellite, you shake me deep just like a seizure
Satellite, beloved love for all the real ones
Satellite, she won’t love me, I wanna keep her