Vandal Moon Unveils “The Way You Cry” Music Video

Vandal Moon Unveils "The Way You Cry" Music Video

California synth/new wave/post punk inspired project Vandal Moon (aka Blake Voss) has unveiled the video for his latest single “The Way You Cry“.

The song is taken from his album ‘Queen Of The Night‘, released in August last year. Grab it here.

“This is a concept album about being young in a world that’s falling apart. We wrote and recorded all these songs over the past two years, while everyone was going absolutely mental. I have no doubt we all felt insane at times, and it made me wonder how fucked the kids must feel. I mean, imagine coming of age now, in high school or your early 20s, facing so much adversity. The sheer volume of information they are force fed, juggling some bizarre social media version of themselves, all while trying to do the right thing in the world with regard to gender, race, climate and everything else. What does the future hold for them? How do they respond and still protect their sanity?”, asks Blake Voss, lead singer of Vandal Moon.

The video tells “a story of unrequited love, dancing in cemeteries, and coughing up flower pedals until you die.”

Watch it below.

Vandal Moon “The Way You Cry”