Vanishing Twin Reveal New Single “Life Drummer”

Vanishing Twin Reveal New Single "Life Drummer"

London-based psych pop/alternative/experimental trio Vanishing Twin have revealed their new single “Life Drummer“.

Vanishing Twin was initially formed by the singer and multi-instrumentalist Cathy Lucas in 2015 and is now the tightly honed collective of Lucas, the drummer Valentina Magaletti, and the bassist Susumu Mukai.

Pursuing creative openness and an expanded palette of references and sources, Magaletti’s metronomic and cycling patterns as well as the pulse of Mukai’s bass lines remain at the core of their sound, but these rooted rhythms now form the groundwork for the pursuit of greater tonal, textural, and structural range.

Harnessing the diverse backgrounds and touchstones of its members—Lucas’ left-field songcraft, Magaletti’s singular approaches to experimental percussion, and Mukai’s long history in the production of electronic music—over nearly a dozen releases since 2016, the band has refined a hypnotic sound at the juncture of minimalism, kosmische, post-punk, and dream-laden, psychedelic pop.

The lyrics for “Life Drummer” are based on a chapter of The Listening Book by W.A. Mathieu, also called “Life Drummer.”

The track is out now via Sub Pop Records. Grab it here and take a listen below.

Vanishing Twin “Life Drummer”

The single also includes the experimental tracks “Inarisan” and “Non Guardare”.