Vera Ellen Airs New Single/Video “Lenny Says”

Vera Ellen Airs New Single/Video "Lenny Says"

Wellington, NZ indie rock/alt artist Vera Ellen has aired the video for her new single “Lenny Says“.

The song is taken from her upcoming album ‘Ideal Home Noise‘, set to be released on March 31 via Flying Nun Records. Pre-order your copy here.

In a very personal statement about Ideal Home Noise, Vera Ellen has summarised:

My songs have been my friends, my lovers, my enemies. I have been their biggest critic and fan and they have been mine. And as for this album, you will hear my pain up close, but you can take comfort knowing I wouldn’t trade it for the world. So here we go, to another album. One of many more (I hope).”

Of new track, she says:

“I wrote Lenny Says to make fun of myself at rock bottom. It was actually initially for my album Beat Yr Name (2018) but I felt it was too cheesy at the time. Now, I can see the humour in it. The two verses were genuinely written three years apart — though clearly the angst did not dwindle. It’s a track for us whining broke losers with unattainable dreams; having a laugh and a moan at the same time.”

The video for ‘Lenny Says‘ is the second instalment in the three-part series was directed and produced by SportsTeam, and made with the support of NZonAir

Of the video, Vera adds: “If you cried in Carpenter, you will scream in Lenny Says. My band joins me for some diabolical plotting and scheming… but what exactly are we planning?? What we do best of course. And, listen, I won’t have any of your judgement. We all do crazy things to maintain our youth and glory!”

Watch/listen below.