Viji Releases New Single/Video “Down”

Viji Releases New Single/Video "Down"

London-based alternative artist Viji (aka Vanilla Jenner) has released her new single “Down”, alongside an accompanying music video.

The song is out today via Speedy Wunderground (Dan Carey’s label). Buy it here.

Starting soft and building to a scream-along crescendo, “Down” showcases Viji’s songwriting craft, with an instant earworm hook that insists “misery makes me holy”. 

Speaking about the track, which draws influence from That Dog, Sparklehorse and Elliott Smith, Viji says: 

“‘Down’ is a song about tapping into your creative potential. I have this thing where the happier I am the less I create. I think a lot of artists can relate to that. There is also a short story by Murakami that follows this female protagonist who is happily living her family life, until one day she stops sleeping. She then spends all of these extra hours in the day to read, and do whatever SHE wants. Realizing that you only really claim your individualism in these moments is a big theme in my songwriting… Do you have to suffer to create?”.

The video, a sunset hued and Harmony Korine-esque love letter to friendship, was directed by Zachary Bailey. Speaking about it, Vanilla says:

“It follows two friends and me, making friendship bracelets out of our teeth, saving a fox and slaying a hunter. Zach’s concept and creativity is super infectious! Going to LA to film it really adds to the tone of the song, and I got to have a Lana moment at sunset. There’s an easter egg in the video, which includes the exact GPS coordinates of the hunters truck, in the hills we were filming!’”.

Watch/listen below.