Vincent Christ Releases “Midnight To Midnight” Music Video

Vincent Christ Releases "Midnight To Midnight" Music Video

London indie rock/new wave/glam/post-punk artist Vincent Christ has released the video for “Midnight To Midnight“.

The song is part of our current playlist and is taken from this year’s EP ‘Galore‘. Buy it here if you haven’t already.

Vincent Christ’s electrifying model of post-punk delivers in intensity and urgency. Propulsive drums and feeling-first melodies are met with lyrics that are sardonic, poetic and oneiric. VC is prolific in output and chameleonic in style.

“Galore” features five instantly alluring nuggets that brim with affirmative lyrical content and an experimental glam guitar sound that convey VC’s aims of art rock deconstruction and raucous positivity. 

The live group is comprised of Vincent, Louis Clark on drums, Monty Carlos on guitar and Connor Humphreys on bass.

Watch the clip below.