Vision Video Air New Single/Video “Haunted Hours”

Athens, GA post-punk/goth/new wave band Vision Video have aired their new single “Haunted Hours“.

The song serves as the title track of their upcoming sophomore album ‘Haunted Hours‘, which will be out on October 11th. Pre-order your copy here.

From the band: “Haunted Hours is a song about loss. The human condition is that of finite experience, and we all are destined to experience loss and grief. This song is about trying to remember those we’ve lost through the granular texture of contextual memory. If you try to imagine a face of someone in your mind, it’s not always so easy, but remembering them through the context of a specific beloved memory brings them right back to you. “

“Dealing with loss and grief is one of the most difficult human experiences that we all must go through, but it’s very important to find the beauty within the context. We process the remembrances of those who affected our lives through specific memories and the physical footprint they leave behind, and I think that gives us the scope of how wonderful and meaningful their lives were.”

Watch/listen below.