Voodoo Bandits Unleash New Single “Mid 2000’s”

Voodoo Bandits Unleash New Single "Mid 2000’s"

Isle of Man garage rock/indie punk quartet Voodoo Bandits have unlashed their new single “Mid 2000’s“, off their debut EP ‘Can I Quit My Day Job Yet’? out today, 23rd June.

Voodoo Bandits describe their sound as ‘Blue skies riding on a skateboard’, the perfect jam of fuzzy guitars, killer vocals and also boisterous fast beats, all coming together to make a feeling of optimism and carefree relief. 

“Mid 2000’s” encapsulates all things nostalgia for the band from growing up in the mid 2000’s with lyrics themed around feelings and memories from childhood. The track’s wobbly lead guitar, grooving beats as well as catchy vocal melodies exude a characterful positivity guaranteed to uplift its listeners.

Recorded and co-produced by Jon Hucks at Vale Studios in Worcestershire, “Mid 2000’s” is one of their most “vibe-y” tracks to date and had been written with the intention of sharing a more downtempo and chilled side to their sound and catalogue particularly amongst the rest of the tracks from the EP.

Buy the EP here and stream “Mid 2000’s” below.

Voodoo Bandits “Mid 2000’s”
About the EP:

“Can I Quit My Day Job Yet?” features 4 tracks written over the course of 2021 and 2022. Voodoo Bandits describe the overall sound of the EP as an amalgamation of indie punk, garage rock and power pop, combining fuzzy raucous energy with melodic anthemic hooks. The title, given by frontman Ben, is an expression of irony for the frustrations and difficulties faced by musicians/ artists who find themselves working full time jobs whilst also trying to pursue a career in music.

VOODOO BANDITS are Ben Donaldson (Guitar & Vocals), Charlotte Wilby (Bass), and twin brothers Corey Vaughan (Lead Guitar) and Nathan Vaughan (Drums).