Vulture Feather Drop New Single “Bell of Renewal”

Vulture Feather Drop New Single "Bell of Renewal"

Hayfork, California art rock/post/pre/future punk band Vulture Feather have dropped their new single “Bell of Renewal“.

The track is taken from the band’s upcoming debut album ‘Liminal Fields‘, due out June 2 via Felte. Pre-order your copy here.

Liminal Fields exists on an intangible plane: a crack in the concrete, a gauze between worlds. For as long as Colin McCann can recall, he’s been using music as a vehicle to try and connect with an underlying, indescribable nature that only the sonic world seems to be able to reach. “There’s a feeling of ecstasy that comes when one merges with music,” he says. “It’s what calls us all back again and again to listen, to sing, and to play.” McCann had been striving to reach this outlying environment throughout his career, often stretching in ways that eventually came to negatively impact his life, and his health.

These songs are amorphous vessels encapsulating the dream-like, liminal fields that all of us as beings are passing through from one moment to the next. The spaces in between the events that seem to be arising incessantly from the powerful projector that is our mind. Beyond the reaches of time, neither remaining nor departing.

Stream the track below.

Vulture Feather “Bell of Renewal”