WAASH Unveils New Single “It Goes On”

WAASH Unveils New Single "It Goes On"

Vancouver indie/alt musician WAASH (aka Andrew Bishop) has unveiled his new single “It Goes On“.

Andrew Bishop has firmly established himself as a prominent figure in the city’s pop music scene. He’s been a part of various groups, including Twin River, Alex Little & The Suspicious Minds, dwi, and White Ash Falls. Now, he embarks on a new musical journey under the moniker WAASH, merging his prolific songwriting skills with a passion for expansive shoegaze soundscapes.⁠

The song is out now via Light Organ Records and is taken from his self-titled debut EP due out November 20. The EP’s five meticulously crafted tracks showcase Bishop’s departure from his long-held, conventional songwriting process: Instead of relying on guitar, he explored beats and baselines as starting points.

Speaking about it, Bishop explains:

“It Goes On” is about holding on to unnecessary relationships. You finally get to that point when you have to leave despite what others may think. Finally, you realize that the list will “go on and on” if you keep looking for reasons to stay. If you decide to move on, the bad goes with it. I wanted something that felt loose and still to the point. The track feels nice and jammy, but is wrapped up in under four minutes.

I find myself writing about moving on and freeing yourself from bad vibes quite often. I guess it’s just the theme of my life, and these songs are my way of meditating on these relationships and finding peace with it.” He adds.

Get it here and take a listen below.