Walter Frosch Share New Single “Digital Glow”

Walter Frosch Share New Single "Digital Glow"

Swiss lo-fi/wave/disco duo Walter Frosch have released their new single “Digital Glow“.

The song features on the new Split single with Apine Decline, out now through Fiasko Ltd. Grab it here.

On “Digital Glow” Walter Frosch explores with a dark but glowing tune the coldness of digital screens. The feeling of losing oneself in the depths of our screens connects here with losing oneself on the dancefloor of a lonesome club-night. A wonderful unheard new sound of these promising swiss musicians.

Alpine Decline plays a more intimate and close-to-the-listener sound. “You Kid Yourself” catches immediately with oscillating Guitars, a grooving but very melodious Bass, swinging Drums and the direct and emotional Vocals that seem to realize while running “You can not escape a new reality”.

Take a listen below.

About Walter Frosch:

Walter Frosch is a duo from Schaffhausen, playing dreamy and catchy synth-pop. Their reverb loaded songs reminds of the post-punk era but sound so convincing and independent that there’s no need for the label “retro”. Chain smoker Walter Frosch (the footballer after which the Band is named) would have had his trouble not to get out of breath because of the danceability of these pieces.