Water Machine Unleash New Single/Video “Water Machine Pt. II”

Water Machine Unleash New Single/Video "Water Machine Pt. II"

Glasgow punk/post punk/experimental band Water Machine have unleashed their new single and video “Water Machine Pt II“.

The track is the first taste of Water Machine’s debut EP ‘Raw Liquid Power‘, out on August 4th via Upset The Rhythm. Pre-order it here.

Water Machine is an office romance between Hando Morice (they/them), Flore de Hoog (she/her), Jimmy Gage (he/him) and Goda Ilgauskaitė (she/her). An unassuming supergroup formed out of Glasgow institutions including Goth GF, Passion Pusher, Brenda and Soursob, their sound careens between punk, country and alt-rock underpinned by the unique quality they call “Raw Liquid Power”.

The EP opens with a menacing, modulating synth melody. Gage’s guitar enters with a mighty bend before breaking into the chugging rhythm of ‘Water Machine Pt. 2’. This timely reminder to refill your water bottle – “don’t be late, hydrate!” less a wellness mantra than a threat – builds to a spacey outro with flashes of the art-punk weirdness of Suburban Lawns.

Watch/listen below.

Raw Liquid Power Tracklist:

  1. Water Machine Pt. II
  2. Stilettos
  3. At The Drive In
  4. Bussy

Water Machine Upcoming Live Shows

23 June – London @ Studio 9294
21 July – Glasgow @ The Rum Shack
01 September – Manchester @ Fuel
05 September – London @ New River Studios
07 September – Brighton @ Pipeline
08 September – Oxford @ Divine Schism
09 September – Sheffield @ Delicious Clam