Waves of Dread Air New Single “Forevermore”

Waves of Dread Air New Single "Forevermore"
Waves of Dread “Forevermore”

Newcastle-upon-Tyne noise pop/dream pop/alt band Waves of Dread have aired their new single “Forevermore“.

The track features on their much-anticipated debut album ‘A Bad Dream in a Raging Sea‘, due to be released on October 13th, we have already heard the lead single “Motion“. Grab it here.

Over two years in the making, A Bad Dream in a Raging Sea is the sound of a band treating the recording studio as therapy, channeling their personal issues and anxieties to create nearly forty minutes of hope and euphoria.

With a foot still firmly planted in the shoegaze world, Forevermore is a more shimmering, almost traditional sounding single. A slice of snappy, noise-pop bliss, for fans of Yo La Tengo, Broken Social Scene and Dinosaur Jr.

Take a listen below.

The band will celebrate the release of Forevermore by headlining Two Divided By Zero festival.

Musically the album weaves between lo-fi noise pop, considerate dream pop and epic shoegaze seamlessly; take opener Moon Shows/Sun Shows, where a stark intro gives way to a brass-laden, Hollywood-esque outro, via eight minutes of music that incorporates walls of noise and strings-led motifs, all the while sounding coherently like the same band.