WAXX! Share Music Video For “LSD.TV”

WAXX! Share Music Video For "LSD.TV"

Norwich scuzzy garage/psych rock band WAXX! have shared the video for their newest single “LSD.TV“.

The song is out now through Catch 21 Records and is “a poignant reminder of the black hole the mainstream media and commercial TV landscape can create in today society.”

Sometimes you have to change the channel to truly escape what is going on in our reality, but still somehow end up feeling remote. LSD.TV pulls together speaker, ripping guitar tones, driving, baselines, thumping drums and waving synthesisers for a very floaty vocal to sail on top of to hopefully fine you a channel that’s for you.

Heavily influenced by 90s bands like spaced, the cardigans and the production of William orbit (pure shores) the band are exploring new sonic territory with this new release.

Grab it here and watch the video below.


Photo credit: Helen Anderson