We Are Scientists Drop New Single “Lucky Just To Be Here”

We Are Scientists Drop New Single "Lucky Just To Be Here"

Brooklyn, NY indie rock/power pop duo We Are Scientists have dropped their new single “Lucky Just To Be Here“.

it’s the latest preview of their upcoming eighth studio album ‘LOBES‘, set to arrive on January 23 via 100% Records. Grab it here.

Commenting on the track, they say:

“When people think about We Are Scientists — and they often do — they probably think about danceable beats, anthemic sing-along choruses, and the greatest, most energetic live shows they‘ve had the good fortune to attend”.

“What they’re perhaps less likely to think of are aching, bittersweet ruminations on time’s relentless chisel-work or the pang of instant nostalgia that comes as our lives our hewn, with each passing moment. I mean, they probably don’t think of those things, with us, right? Well, ‘Lucky Just To Be Here’ may just change that for a lot of listeners. The song is a rare moment of quiet for us, although, yes, it does still eventually explode with the sort of exhilarating bombast upon which we’ve built our reputation, so fans who fear the sort of existential change that this song confronts can rest assured that some things — some essential things, like We Are Scientists’ unrestrained vitality — remain constant.”

Stream it below.

We Are Scientists “Lucky Just To Be Here”