We Are Scientists Release New Single “Settled Accounts”

We Are Scientists Release New Single "Settled Accounts"

Brooklyn, NY indie rock/power pop duo We Are Scientists have released their new single “Settled Accounts“.

The song is taken from the upcoming eighth studio album ‘LOBES‘, set to arrive on January 23 via 100% Records. Grab it here.

“It’s nice that things have come full-circle,” vocalist/guitarist Keith Murray says. “Strident old Keith would have argued that funk was the one true musical genre. And here we are, with our funkiest tune yet.”

“When I was a younger, more brazen guy, I was incredibly steadfast in my beliefs,” he continues. “Everything I liked was not just ‘enjoyable,’ but ‘categorically good,’ the people I hung out with were not just ‘fun people,’ but the ‘best gang,’ the ideas I subscribed to were not just ‘interesting,’ but ‘fundamentally correct.’ These days, I’m just way less sure about everything.”

Stream it below.