Web Rumors Announces New LP ‘Travelling Circuits’, Shares “Blithe Echo”

Web Rumors Announces New LP 'Travelling Circuits', Shares "Blithe Echo"

Aussie new wave/proto-house/synth artist Web Rumors (aka Em Burrows) has announced the release of her new studio album ‘Travelling Circuits‘.

The announcement comes with the release of new single “Blithe Echo“. The 8-track record will be out on September 1st. Pre-order your copy here.

Travelling Circuits sees Burrows consolidating her early 80s influenced production techniques and individual sound while simultaneously exploring her long-standing love of British folk music. The product of a music residency in the New Forest region of England, the album explores folk music through the re-contextualisation of traditional lyrics and melodies.

Speaking about it, Burrows says:

“Travelling Circuits draws on folk song material and reharmonises it, abstracts it, and basically pushes it in different directions. I love traditional melodies, sounds and storytelling but my own creative practice in electronic music is very different. I wanted to see how I could combine the two. It feels like a deeply personal album to me even though, on first listen, it probably just sounds like a new wave record!“

Blithe Echo” is a Bill Nelson-inspired reworking of traditional English hunting song featuring Em’s trademark contralto vocal, digital synthesisers and saxophone (played by Bridget Cleary). “It takes its lyrics from the popular 18th century English hunting song ‘Bright Phoebus’“. Burrow said, “I changed the time signature and melody of the traditional song to make it less jaunty and shift the perspective towards the arrogant (blithe) indifference of the (mostly) aristocratic types who perpetrate fox hunting. I was listening to a lot of Bill Nelson when I wrote it…”

Check out “Blithe Echo” below, followed by the album’s artwork and tracklist.

Web Rumors “Travelling Circuits” Tracklist:
  1. Maid in Bedlam
  2. Blithe Echo
  3. Cold Witches’ Cave
  4. The Haughs of Cromdale
  5. The Battle of Otterburn
  6. Flourish
  7. Lovely on the Water
  8. Cruel Sister