Weimar Air Music Video For “Polished Decay”

Weimar Air Music Video For "Polished Decay"

Manchester art rock/post-punk band Weimar have aired the video for their latest single “Polished Decay“.

The song is taken from their debut album ‘Dancing On A Volcano‘, released in June 2022. Get your copy here i f you haven’t already.

Commenting on the video and the song, they share:

The video for “Polished Decay” tackles the subject of urban gentrification, and consists of footage shot mostly in Manchester, but also in London, Berlin, New York, Pittsburgh, and other cities worldwide, showcasing the soulless and characterless high-rise buildings and glass monstrosities being built across the globe, juxtaposed against the remnants of the now derelict cultural hotspots of the towns and the remaining independent bars, cafés, and shops that continue operating as the plans of big business corporations threaten their survival.

Like the song itself, the video serves as a protest against this large-scale erosion of culture and art, and a call to arms for resistance against the gentrification phenomenon so we may, in the song’s words, ‘Reclaim the streets’.

Watch the clip below.

Weimar “Polished Decay”

Dancing On A Volcano Tracklist:

  1. Prelude
  2. Soho Rain
  3. The Sociopath
  4. I Smashed The Looking Glass
  5. The Hangers-On
  6. Arandora Star
  7. Polished Decay
  8. Hunter’s Moon
  9. Faded Queen Of The Night
  10. Nights In Spanish Harlem
  11. Heaven On High Street East
  12. The Tatterdemalions