Who Is She? Unveil New Single/Video “96 Ghouls”

Who Is She? Unveil New Single/Video "96 Ghouls"

Seattle, Washington indie rock/punk/pop supergroup Who Is She? have unveiled the video for their new single “96 Ghouls“.

The track features on their upcoming album ‘Goddess Energy‘, which will be out on August 25 via Father Daughter Records. Pre-order your copy here.

The supergroup of master songwriters, is made up of Robin Edwards (Lisa Prank), Bree Mckenna (Tacocat) and Julia Shapiro (Chastity Belt), and Tacocat’s Emily Nokes.

Goddess Energy songs born of the strength of friendship and community, cultivated through song-a-day challenges and late-night jams, taking the moments of their lives and the world around them and turning them on their heads, sculpting earworms and unforgettable hooks from their bones.

“96 Ghouls,” is a driving and anthemic ode to scrolling and swiping through an endless array of online dating disappointments, fists will find the air with unforgettable sing-along chants.

Watch the Benjamin Cissner-directed video below.

Who Is She? “96 Ghouls” Lyrics:

When I’m scrolling
Through my list of ghouls
I’m horrified
This isn’t cool

96 ghouls
(My ghouls)
300 ghouls
(My ghouls)

When I’m counting
Up my ghouls
This isn’t love
I’ve been a fool

1200 ghouls
(My ghouls)
2,000 ghouls
(My ghouls)

3,000 ghouls
(My ghouls)
5,000 ghouls
(My ghouls)

Ghouls ghouls
ghouls ghouls ghouls ghouls ghouls ghouls ghouls