Wyatt Blair & Buddy Crime Unveil “For The Thrill of It”

Wyatt Blair & Buddy Crime Unveil "For The Thrill of It"

Los Angeles retro-synth rocker Wyatt Blair and Louisville indie-pop artist Buddy Crime have unveiled their collaborative single “For The Thrill of It“, and its accompanying video.

This sparkling carpe diem anthem is an ode to embracing every moment with gusto. As Blair and Crime trade verses and share the choruses, the duo confidently struts their 80s-pop empowerment backed by layers of shimmering synthesizers and angelic guitars. They embrace a raging sax solo before leaving us with a final chorus, emphasized by hand claps, that just beg us to sing along.

Blair can’t stop. He’s a physical manifestation of inertia. He’s been a musical object in motion since his father taught him to play the drums at 13 years old. In the years following, he has spent his time playing in numerous bands, producing albums, releasing four self-produced solo albums, and founding the LA-based record label Lolipop Records, through which he helped break a new wave of young garage rockers out of their neighborhoods and into the world.

Blair is known for his raw, emotionally vulnerable power-pop. He confidently struts 80s-pop empowerment anthems backed by layers of shimmering synthesizers, crunchy guitars, and a thumping rhythm section. Each album indulges his ’60s psych, ’80s pop, ’90s Brit-rock influences in equal measure to stunning effect.

For The Thrill of It” is out now via Lolipop Records. Grab it here and watch/listen below.

Wyatt Blair & Buddy Crime “For The Thrill of It”