YACHT Reveal New Single “Manic Panic”

YACHT Reveal New Single "Manic Panic"

LA-based conceptual pop band YACHT have revealed their new single “Manic Panic“.

The song is out now and follows the release of “Finger In Your Eye“. Grab it here.

Commenting on the song, they say:

“Here is a new song—no muss, no fuss! Claire plays the guitar solo. Italian artist Olimpia Zagnoli made the cover art. The song is about getting older while being punk. Can you be a punk and play tennis? Can you be a punk and lease a Chevy Bolt? Can you be a punk and almost exclusively drink Talking Rain from the Costco Business Center in North Hollywood? These feelings and more, now accessible and on demand!

I used to be manic, now I just panic.”

Take a listen now.