YACHT Share New Single/Video “My Idea”

YACHT Share New Single/Video "My Idea"

LA-based conceptual pop band YACHT have shared their new single “My Idea“, accompanied by a music video starring Alex Karpovsky (from Girls).

The song will be out this Friday (Dec 2) and is the first of a series of new tracks the band will release as singles. Grab it here.

Speaking about it, they say: 

This is the first of a bunch of new songs we’ll be releasing as singles and then compiling into something like a “mini-album.” It’s some of our favorite music that we’ve ever made, and feels like a direct outgrowth of the years we spent noodling around with AI. After all that thinking, we just wanted to have some fun, to make music that feels good, and is weird in a totally human, non-algorithmic way. Wiggly stuff!

On the video they share:

“My Idea” stars Alex Karpovsky as a motion capture actor struggling to reconcile himself with the cartoon meerkat he plays in the movies. We see him crawling, burrowing, and screaming on set; between takes, he vapes and imagines himself the star of his own story, delivering a profound TED Talk about the nature of wasted potential.

The video is an homage to the hidden labor animating the computer cinema. Motion capture performance is both exhibitionist and invisible, a metaphor for the gap between how we imagine ourselves and how we’re seen by others—and between our creative aspirations and our capacity to fulfill them.

As our director Kailee McGee put it when she first presented this video concept to us, “it’s a painful process being an idea who is waiting to be brought to life, waiting to become real.” Most of our ideas never make it, but because our motto is ambition beyond means, somehow we’re able to will ideas into existence.

Watch/listen below.

YACHT “My Idea”

Made up of Jona Bechtolt, Claire L. Evans, and Rob Kieswetter, YACHT formed in 2002.

YACHT is a lot of things, it’s kind of a band, but it’s mostly a genre-and-media-spanning life project. They make anthemic power jams, play them backwards and soak them in nearly psychedelic cherry cola. YACHT’s heart is the shows: uncluttered, inspiring sessions of damaged dance moves and synchronized crowd-waving, backed by constantly changing elements – PowerPoint presentations, audience Q&A sessions, and shamanistic video environments.

Claire is a writer and journalist, Jona and Rob also compose for film, TV, commercials, and podcasts. Clients include AppleInstagramFacebook, and MTV, among others.

Photo credit: Tyler Miles