Yee Loi Unleash New Single “Dad’s Money”

Yee Loi Unleash New Single "Dad's Money"

Liverpool rock/punk duo Yee Loi, made up of teenage sisters Rose and Matilda, have unleashed their rockin’ new single “Dad’s Money“.

The girls started listening to punk and rock music after raiding their Dad’s record collection. Ramones, in particular became a firm favourite. Rose started playing guitar at the age of 10, her biggest influences are Johnny Ramone and Steve Jones. Matilda started singing at 8 years old and now plays drums and guitar, her influences are Joey Ramone and Joan Jett.

Commenting on the track, they say:

“Dad’s Money” is a song that answers the so called “Punk Police”. Those comments that we had from people when they first saw and heard us playing punk rock songs. They judged us on our age, gender, race and background. This song proves that us teenage girls can rock just as much as anybody.

The song is out today (August 24). Get it here and take a listen below.

Yee Loi “Dad’s Money”