You Man Share New Single “As Above So Below Feat. Harold”

You Man Share New Single "As Above So Below Feat. Harold"

French indie dance/house duo You Man have shared their new single “As Above So Below (Xcuses)“, featuring Harold.

The song is taken from their new 4 track EP ‘As Above So Below‘, out today, March 24 via Exkimo Recordings. Buy it here.

“As Above So Below is an exploration of the fractal nature of reality, the patterns of self-repetition that constitute reality from the furthest reaches of the Universe right down to the nano-structures of our cells,” says You Man’s Tepat Huleux. “Patterns repeated ad infinitum, but still everything appears different.”

“The plurality of Worlds beyond our own, and the way of traveling from one to the other through modified states of consciousness and hypnosis, is a theme that has always been very important to You Man since our first mysterious encounter,” explains Giac Di Falco, who as well as producing music is a trained psychologist and hypnotherapist.

The title track draws upon the idea of self-replication, its backbone a chugging bass line and looping synth riff designed to draw the listener’s gaze inwards, their reverie only broken by disco stabs and an almost incongruous breakbeat that resets our equilibrium before the track takes us deeper still.

Take a listen below.

As Above So Below EP Tracklist:

  1. You Man feat. Harold – As Above So Below (Xcuses)
  2. Third Eye
  3. Somethin’ Higher
  4. Temple Of Bloom