Youth Valley Announce Debut Album ‘Lullabies For Adults’

Youth Valley Announce Debut Album 'Lullabies For Adults'

Athens, Greece indie pop/shoegaze/dream pop/alt band Youth Valley have announced the release of their debut full-length album ‘Lullabies For Adults‘.

Produced by Alex Bolpasis and Youth Valley, the 8-track record will be released on June 25 via Shelflife Records (USA) // Make Me Happy Records (EU & Rest of the World). Buy it here.

Youth Valley’s style revolves around genres like new wave, post punk and 80’s indie rock like ‘the Cure’ or ‘the Smiths’ dressed in a more contemporary shoegaze guitar-based coat, inspired by bands like DIIV.

The album involve a series of songs that explore the emotional state of youth within a modern society, but also the stories of youth that made today’s adults be who they are. Thoughts and reflections relating past to present will be unfold, spoken out loud and expressed, not in the form of confession, but in an attempt to look for answers hidden in traumas and fears.

The band have also aired their new single “Hurricane“.

“Hurricane” symbolizes the freedom and power we claim from the moment we are born. However, the journey of adulthood is full of complications and discouragements. But if we manage to realize this, it can be the first step in helping the child within us to survive and find its “hurricane” and move forward as a free, creative spirit without seals.

Watch/listen below.

Youth Valley 'Lullabies For Adults'

Lullabies For Adults Tracklist:

  1. Jean Moreas
  2. Hurricane
  3. I Don’t Want To Go Out With You, Veronica
  4. Godheads
  5. February
  6. End Credits
  7. Promising Young Man
  8. Pegasus