Zombie Zombie Air “Nusquam & Ubique” Music Video

Zombie Zombie Air "Nusquam & Ubique" Music Video

French electronic trio Zombie Zombie have dropped the video for their latest single “Nusquam & Ubique“.

The song is taken from their album ‘Vae Vobis‘, which came out in March last year via Born Bad Records. Get it here if you haven’t already.

Watch the Robin C. Lachenal -directed video below.

Zombie Zombie “Nusquam & Ubique”

It sings in Latin, and it does a lot. Until now, Zombie Zombie mostly pushed the song for covers (Iggy Pop, Sun Ra or New Order). For this new album, they built long harmonic progressions, along which sing Angèle Chemin, a soprano familiar with contemporary music, and Laura Etchegoyhen, Swiss army knife of Basque origin. You know it, even if you haven’t worn out your bottoms on the pews of a church: Latin sings well.

As distinguished as the trio is, they did not go to faith schools either. As far as we know, their new label Born Bad did not start a partnership with the Ancient Language Preservation League, so we asked: why? “We wanted to remain mysterious, to send cryptic messages, to dive back into a language from another time, like the copyist monks of the Middle Ages”. And like their hooded ancestors, they do whatever they want with the text, and add porn illuminations in the corners, for those who know how to listen closely.