ZZZAHARA Drop New Single/Video “Hey Familiar Face”

ZZZAHARA Drop New Single/Video "Hey Familiar Face"

Los Angeles-based indie/alt musician ZZZAHARA (the solo moniker of Eyedress/Simps guitarist Zahara Jaime) have dropped their new single “Hey Familiar Face” alongside an accompanying video.

The track features on their upcoming album ‘Tender‘, which will be out on September 22 via Lex Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Speaking about it, ZZZAHARA told FLOOD: “Writing this song, I felt sentimental and mushy inside. Sometimes things feel like an endless pain loop when you’re being constantly reminded of a failed relationship via iPhone memories popping up – ‘On this day one year ago.’ And it’s photos of you with old friends or an ex. It’s takes a lot of willpower to not dwell on the past when you can access it so fast.”

Sometimes we get so wrapped in being bitter while not recognizing that life is short. At some point I took on an ‘it is what it is’ mentality, but now it feels like I’m at a ‘wish you luck, love you, goodbye and do reach out when you feel necessary’ mood.”

Watch the Madeleine Daste-animated video below .

Zzahara Upcoming Live Shows

18 Oct – They’re Gonna Be Big @ Supersonic—Paris, FR
24 Oct – Courtyard Theatre—London, UK
01 Nov – Café Du Nord—San Francisco, CA
03 Nov – Substance Festival—Los Angeles, CA
05 Nov – FREAKOUT Festival—Seattle, WA