Capitol Return With New Single/Video “Your Heart is Everywhere”

Capitol Return With New Single/Video "Your Heart is Everywhere"

Canadian indie/new wave/post punk five-piece Capitol have returned with their catchy new single “Your Heart is Everywhere” and its accompanying video.

The track serves as the lead single of their highly-anticipated second album “Sounds Like a Place“, set to arrive on November 8th, via Meritorio Records. Grab it here.

CAPITOL is made up of brothers and best friends; Josh Kemp (vocals / synth), Robert J. Kemp (guitar), Wes Lintott (guitar), Matt Lintott (drums) & Chris McLaughlin (bass). After their debut LP “Dream Noise” (2019), EP “All the Rest of My Heads” (2021), and short film score “Light Between Us” released in 2023, CAPITOL is currently finishing their sophomore record at Union Sound.

“We wanted to create something that sounds universal in tone, scope, and message”. -Capitol

Watch the Cameron Veitch-directed video below.

Capitol Return “Your Heart is Everywhere” Lyrics:

From across the bed, here’s to looking at you
Have you left your heart again in another room?
Kiss me to death and lay me down
I’m your silent movie at the back of the house, at the back of it
Another bottled dread pissed on the floor
Missed innuendo, lazy metaphor
Am I standing alone? Oh never mind
I’m your trophy wife, I’m your trophy wife
Sound the alarm, you let me win
There is no ceiling, there’s no end to the well of your love
To the well of your love, to the hell of it

Get a little funny, a bit cavalier
Viking funeral for the atmosphere
Such lovely violence to emerge from
It in a chariot, in a chariot
I can wear your dress, you can be my eyes
Under the influence, sunflower wine
It’s a gold rush of the blood
A gold rush of the blood, a gold rush of it

This was nothing
All part of loving
Your heart is something, something

Photo credit: Cameron Veitch