Charlie Reveals New Single “Spacewoman”

Charlie Reveals New Single "Spacewoman"

Polish multi-instrumentalist and prolific producer Charlie has revealed her new single “Spacewoman“.

The track serves as the title track of her upcoming earth-shattering EP ‘Spacewoman‘, due to be released on September 6th via Slow Motion Records sub label Wrong Era. Grab it here.

As a revered live act and spearhead within the Italo-Proto scene, Charlie’s record is a testament to her unique and impactful sound design, which is on full display in her thunderous progressions. The rolling instrumental of ‘Spacewoman’ bursts open the release, setting an innovative tone and channelling a unique approach to synthesis and powerful percussion. 

Charlie’s enigmatic vocals paint an esoteric picture with each lyric leading to the euphoric pay off of the chorus. Lines like ‘I fly where infinity expands’ jettisons listeners further into her world leaving us with a transcendent want to join her on her interplanetary journey.

The Berlin-born artist integrates her infectious rhythmic flair into another standout release, capturing the consistently mind-opening energy of her live sets and hooking us in with potent synth lines and vocals.

Take a listen now.

Charlie “Spacewoman”

EP Tracklist:

1. Spacewoman
2. Let Go
3. Dark Waver
4. In the Night
5. Spacewoman (Instrumental)

Photo credit: Jovanek