Huge Molasses Tank Explodes Air “Bow of Gold”

Huge Molasses Tank Explodes Air "Bow of Gold"

Milan-based psych / krautrock / shoegaze band Huge Molasses Tank Explodes have aired their new single “Bow of Gold“.

The track is the first single of their upcoming new album ‘III‘, out on 6th September via Tidal Wave Records. Buy it here.

An immersive psychedelic reverie. HMTE offers a liquid continuity of landscapes, as envisioned by the minds of Fabrizio De Felice (voice/guitar/synth), Giacomo Tota (guitar), Luca Umidi (bass), and Gabriele Arnolfo (drums, now played by Michele Schiavina). The band deliver a kaleidoscopic experience, ranging from rugged and evocative beats to dreamy soundscapes, inspired by post-punk and psych-wave. With a hypnotic and almost serene sound in mind, transfiguring humanity with new electronic streaks and vocal blends, ‘III’ showcases ethereal, yet powerful, musical canvases that celebrate the band’s influences, taste and psychedelic vision.

Loosely inspired by William Blake’s poem, which metaphorically refers to the decline of nature and human relationships in the modern era, Bow of Gold is based upon a constant contrast between kraut-derived sequenced synth lines, spacy textures, and jangly guitars drenched in reverb until it blasts into full psych fuzz-driven drone walls. The song’s sound merges several of the band’s influences in a personal and unique style.

Take a listen now.

Huge Molasses Tank Explodes “Bow of Gold”