Jogger Airs New Single/Video “Mein Schweigen mein Protest”

Jogger Airs New Single/Video "Mein Schweigen mein Protest"

Berlin bedroom-rock/post punk new solo project Jogger (aka Florian Nikolai) has aired his new single “Mein Schweigen mein Protest“, and its accompanying music video.

The song serves as the second taste of his forthcoming new album ‘STRONG’, out this fall through CUT SURFACE. Get it here.

With reverberated vocals and lo-fi sounds, Nikolai’s solo project is reminiscent of Neue Neue Deutsche Welle, New Wave and post-punk, without sticking to the usual patterns of the genre.

His debut album, BRD NOIR, released in 2022, opens up a place where everyone is welcome and coexistence is determined by diversity and free thoughts. JOGGER’s concept album, created within his own four walls, leads to an iconic pub, giving listeners the impression that they are never alone in their uncertainties about bar noises and ecstatic wishes.

Driven by the deep conviction to create a sincere and genuine atmosphere, the new album also follows the DIY punk ethos. STRONG is not a hymn to self-improvement, but rather to self-pity, which, as a deep form of self-love, has a luminous radiance.

Watch the Bela Moritz-video below.

Jogger “Mein Schweigen mein Protest”