La Sécurité Announce Debut LP ‘Stay Safe!’ Share “Anyway”

La Sécurité Announce Debut LP 'Stay Safe!' Stream "Anyway"

“Montreal art punk/post punk supergroup La Sécurité have announced the release of their debut full-length album “Stay Safe!“.

The 10-track record will be out on June 16 via Mothland. Pre-order your copy here.

Immediately poignant, delivered with tone-a-plenty, while boasting a whole lot of punk moxie, Stay Safe! harnesses the inherent synergy shared by the members of La Sécurité.

On this long-player, the collective’s uncanny knack for non-stop melodious influx and inventive disco-tinged new wave arrangements is almost tangible. Percussive flare-ups inducing novel feet patterns, harmonically challenging pockets of mind-boggling prowess, nonchalant melodic particles from a different space-time continuum, as well as elusively deep-delving lyrical probes are but a few tropes made-up in a playful attempt to describe their quirky sound. And though their new imprint achieves sonic extravagance through rather typical instrumentation, the five-piece uses rock & roll equipment in flatout volatile ways.

Along with the announcement of the album, the band presents a fierce post-punk earworm about grief and losing an unborn child. As a genuine headbanger/tear-jerker, “Anyway” aptly showcases the collective’s dichotomous equilibrium, which oscillates between fun, danger, a will to live unabashedly and care, security, also touching on the frailty of life itself. Fast, catchy and engaging, this new offering from the fiery five-piece should find a niche with discotheque rats looking for a steady stream of bittersweet art punk.

This song was written in the early stages of dealing with grief related to miss-carriage and pleads a sort of surrender to the strain it can put on a couple processing all this.” Says the band’s Éliane Viens-Synnott.

Check out the full tracklist below, as well as the video for “Anyway“.

Stay Safe! Tracklist:

  1. Le Kick
  2. Dis-Moi
  3. Anyway
  4. Waiting For Kenny
  5. Suspens
  6. K9
  7. Serpent
  8. Try Again
  9. Hot Topic
  10. Sleepy Rebellion