Livinroom Air New Single “Their Guilt”

Livinroom Air New Single "Their Guilt"

Russian post-punk /darkwave / new wave two-piece Livinroom have aired their new single “Their Guilt“.

The song is part of their new maxi-single of the same name, out tomorrow, June 21. In addition to the long original version of the title track, the release features the song “Excess“. Buy it here.

Of the two tracks, they explained:

“Their guilt”, inspired by the legendary Joy Division, is about how even tiny mistakes can pile on heavy doses of guilt.”

Excess”, calling to discard all unnecessary things and live only what is essential, is an energetic track inspired by the idea of liberation from material burdens.”

Stream both tracks below.


  1. Their Guilt
  2. Their Guilt (Long original version)
  3. Excess

About Livinroom

Genuine and intense minimalistic post-punk band from St-Petersburg, Russia. They describe the project as: Just guitar, bass and drums/drum machine dipped in sadness and pain built on the surgical precision of the rhythm section interwoven among brooding melodic basslines and dense, hypnotic guitar chords underpinned by a mournful deep vocals, that submerge us into bleak depths of ominous doom and gloom.