lostboy – Band of the Month (June)

lostboy - Band of the Month (June)
lostboy – Band of the Month

Our featured band this month is Sheffield indie rock band lostboy (led by Max Clutterbuck).

Taking their name from the 1980’s film The Lost Boys, this Sheffield 4-piece are comprised of  four secondary school friends: Max Clutterbuck (singer/songwriter), Jack Berry (lead guitar), Henry Robinson (bass) and Ethan Reeves (drums).

Their Debut EP ‘Bad News’, released in June last year is an exploration of the stress and emotion endured by the band during the events of the past year and a half, and a tribute to the UK’s ability to carry on and call for change even in the toughest of times; as Max elaborates:

“The EP as a whole is an insight into the thoughts and feelings that were evoked in me during the national lockdowns. I wanted to write songs for everybody, songs that people could listen to and relate to. The ‘Bad News – EP’ just about sums up the shit show we’ve all endured this last year and a half; the songs credit our British ‘carry on’ attitudes, call out for change and touch on taboo topics many of us (myself included) have been reluctant to address.”

Never alone amongst friends, lostboy’s circle grew and grew during last year’s run of word-of-mouth, sweatbox gigs, releases, radio play and heavy streaming. Enigmatic ringmaster and wordsmith Maxwell Clutterbuck molds the likes of 90 grunge and modern indie rock into a earnest breed of future alternative – that of which his band of brothers bring to exhilarating life.

Their new EP ‘Love Among Angry People’ is out now featuring indie rock bangers ‘Weight’, ‘Maple’ and ‘Lover’.

Speaking about “Weight”, Clutterbuck says:

“We all have worries. Worry for the world and how we treat it, worry for our loved ones during a global pandemic, worry for over population, worry for what this year may hold and what of the year after that? I can only imagine that, for the young people trying to grow during this time, that weight must be immense. ‘Weight’ is about my wish to leave any weight I carry behind heading into this New Year.”

On ‘Lover’ Clutterbuck says:

“’Lover’ was inspired by the ominous feeling of an inevitable break up, where there’s an uncomfortable tension in the air that you can’t put your finger on. I wrote the song to build throughout, similar to how arguments and tensions are going to come to a head, until mid-way through the track when everything comes crashing down, tempers boil over and you’re left with the mess to clean up”

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